Inheritance During Your Bankruptcy Case

It is wonderful to receive an inheritance, but you may not be able to keep it if you have recently filed for bankruptcy.  It all depends on factors such as timing, the way the inheritance was created, the exemptions you can claim, and what type of bankruptcy you have filed. The bankruptcy process is complex, so to increase the chances of keeping assets such as an inheritance, it pays to have the guidance of an experienced Ohio bankruptcy attorney. The skilled and seasoned Ohio debt-relief attorneys at Fesenmyer Cousino Weinzimmer know… CONTINUE READING

The Difference Between a Bankruptcy “Dismissal” and “Discharge”

If you file for bankruptcy in Ohio, there is a big difference whether your case ends with a discharge or ends with a dismissal.  Bankruptcy terms and concepts can be confusing, but the goal of bankruptcy is always the same – getting a discharge that will give you a fresh financial start by eliminating debts that have become overwhelming. Unfortunately, if you make mistakes that lead to a dismissal, your case will be dismissed by the court and ended without a discharge being given.  Your creditors can immediately go back… CONTINUE READING

Student Loan Laws are Changing

Student loan debt is a major problem in Ohio, with 67 percent of the state’s college graduates dealing with debt from financing their education. According to The Institute for College Access & Success’ Project on Student Debt report, the average Ohio student loan debt stood at $29,353 in 2014, a 53% increase from 2004. Since many people cannot find a job after graduation with pay high enough to meet expenses and also cover their high student loan payments, it is no wonder that borrowers wind up seeking debt relief. However,… CONTINUE READING

Debt is Putting More Pressure on Americans

Your mounting debts can be creating enough stress to make you sick.  The more debts, the greater the pressure to meet them, and the greater your stress level can become.  It’s no wonder that researchers at the Ohio State University found that people with higher levels of debt showed higher levels of physical impairment and worse health than those with lower levels of debt. If you’re stressed over debt, it can cause problems in all areas of your life. You’re likely to be less productive at work, and your family… CONTINUE READING

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If you’ve fallen behind financially and are having trouble paying your bills, you may be wondering what is the statute of limitations for collecting a debt in Ohio?  Unfortunately, it is six years for most…