One of the biggest challenges most people face is keeping up with their bills. Things get complicated when you fall behind and debt collectors are calling and sending you letters in the mail. You are not sure what do to and fear that things could get out of control.

Sometimes, creditors will file a lawsuit against you. They are seeking to recover the money you owe them, and this situation can be confusing and stressful. Creditors will take these actions against you for many different reasons. You want to stop these lawsuits to prevent things from spiraling out of control. We will help you in different areas including:

  • Foreclosure: Not keeping up with your mortgage payments means that the bank can call in the entire loan through the acceleration clause in your mortgage. It states that if you fall behind, the financial institution can demand that you pay the entire outstanding balance immediately. Foreclosure is an unpleasant process, and you might need some time to get your finances together.
  • Lower or remove credit card debt: Credit card debt can add up quickly from accident or necessity. You might not even understand how the terms and conditions work. The failure to make the payments means that the charges and late fees add up. The credit card company will sue you as a way to recover what you owe them.
  • Bank attachments and levies: A successful outcome for your creditor enables them to go into your bank account and seize the money you owe. This can impact your ability to pay your bills and keep up with the most pressing issues.
  • Wage garnishment: In some situations, creditors can contact your employer and garnish up to 25% of your wages. Even if you are getting more than one paycheck, they can apply these amounts to collect the money you owe them.

Situations like this are when you need to talk with an attorney that will stop lawsuits in Cincinnati. No matter how bad things might seem, you always have options, and we can help you to find the best ones.

You have rights, and creditors cannot take action against you without going to court. We step in before this happens and use the laws to our advantage to put an end to these unpleasant situations. Contact Fesenmyer, Cousino, Weinzimmer today at 877-654-5297 and let us help you to stop debt collection lawsuits.

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Our team of attorneys knows what to do to get you proven results. We have helped many people just like you that are facing similar challenges and don’t know what to do. Our knowledge of the law and experience working on these cases is what gives us an edge.

We offer you a free consultation to go over your case and the best options. Our attorneys give you objective advice that will get proven results. Our track record speaks for itself, and we know what to do to help you.

You have different options to stop debt collection lawsuits. We can help you to find the best one and ensure that you don’t lose everything because of unfortunate circumstances. When you are served with a lawsuit, you have 28 days to respond. This means that you need to act quickly to take action to stop what is happening.

The process lets you file a response, but you must do so to the opposing counsel and the court where the suit is filed. Our skillful attorneys know how to stop lawsuits in Cincinnati. Not taking action means you can have a judgment against you that the creditor believes you owe. We will give you the best options and advice to protect everything that you have worked so hard to build.

Don’t throw it all away. Call our attorneys that know how to stop lawsuits in Cincinnati. Our knowledge and experience will help you to get the best outcomes and prevent these situations from spiraling out of control.

Contact Fesenmyer, Cousino, Weinzimmer today at 877-654-5297 and get your free consultation. We will go over the best options and put our many years of legal experience to work for you. Lawsuits can be stopped, but you must act quickly to prevent things from getting worse. You want to use this window of opportunity to find attorneys who practice in these areas and know what to do to protect you.

Will Bankruptcy Stop a Lawsuit?

Bankruptcy can potentially stop a lawsuit. Everything depends on whether the debt is unsecured. These are debts such as medical bills or credit cards. In situations like this, the lawsuits are unlikely to move forward because the debt is unsecured.

Contact us today at 877-654-5297 and get your free consultation. We have helped thousands of people just like you to get the help they need and make a fresh start. You don’t have to worry about your bills or spend hours trying to figure out what to do.

One meeting will help you to figure out the different possible solutions for your financial challenges. Many people get into these issues from time to time, and you are no different. Make that call now and get your free consultation. Our Cincinnati debt attorneys are ready to help you get a fresh start.


One of the most common questions those with financial challenges ask is will bankruptcy stop a lawsuit. It depends on the type of debt and who is filing a lawsuit.

Yes, your attorney can stop lawsuits in Cincinnati. We will file a motion that lets creditors know we are representing you. This means that all calls and possible legal actions are sent to us. We use our knowledge and skill to identify the best avenues to stop these lawsuits.

Another common question we hear is will bankruptcy stop a lawsuit after the action is filed. The answer is yes. Bankruptcy prevents the lawsuit from moving forward. This is referred to as an automatic stay and it stops everything from moving ahead. Even if your creditors have a judgment against you, a lawsuit will stop all actions, including the garnishment of your wages.

Debt collection lawsuits are when your creditors are going to court to take something from you. They have to get a judgment from the court so they can legally go after your assets. These include things like garnishing your wages, taking your home or car or seizing money in your bank account. You have different options to stop debt collection lawsuits, including filing for bankruptcy. We recommend speaking with us so we can go over the best avenues with you.

Contact us today in Cincinnati (877-654-5297), Columbus (614-228-4435), or Dayton (937-222-7472) and let us go over your options during the free consultation. We will discuss the different avenues we can take and how we can stop these lawsuits. You have options, and we can help to put an end to the financial challenges you are facing.

Attorney Tom Fesenmyer

Attorney Thomas M. Fesenmyer (Tom) is dedicated to helping his clients solve their financial issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. Tom has personally filed several thousand cases and has the expertise to achieve immediate results for his clients, including stopping Foreclosures, Repossessions, Wage Garnishments, Law Suits, Utility Shut-offs, Creditor Harassment, Bank Attachments, and Pay-Day Loans. Tom’s goal for all of his clients is asset protection and debt elimination.[ Attorney Bio ]


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